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An artist's impression of the 'eco-terrace' home in Chesterton

Chesterton is one of RENEW’s General Renewal Areas.  Intervention involves a 'light touch' approach which aims to stabilise the local housing market, encourage private investment by existing owners and attract new residents to the area.

Completed activity has seen funding amounting to more than £1m for group repair and environmental works completed by Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and partners Staffordshire Housing Association.  Works were concentrated on the London Road and Victoria Street areas.

RENEW North Staffordshire has also helped fund the pilot eco-terrace project, which demonstrates how ordinary houses of the late 19th Century can contribute to energy savings and carbon emission reductions while providing attractive, desirable and affordable homes. 

Homes are monitored for two years to judge the value of the various measures, in terms of deliverable energy benefits and resident lifestyle improvements with findings shared through a dedicated website (

A further phase of this project is being partner funded in conjunction with the Building Research Establishments (BREs) Rethinking Refurbishment Programme.

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Nick Newman talks us through RENEW's plans for Chesterton
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I will be glad to go. It’s not a nice place to live... There’s no community left here any more.
Linda Coates, Middleport
I want to see the residents of this area having a voice and RENEW to take account of their views.
Steven Pritchard, Cobridge